Whether you plan to arrive at your wedding on a bicycle, in a vintage car or in a horse drawn carriage there are certain considerations, such as cost, distance and style, which may affect your choice. You will need at least one vehicle to get you to your place of marriage. As well as being functional, this provides a wonderful opportunity to make a grand arrival.

Types of Transport

You can arrive at your wedding in all manner of transport from a vintage car, to a helicopter, but there are certain considerations you need to take into account such as your budget, the distance between your home and venues, the style or theme of your wedding, and even the weather, all of which may affect your choice. Listed below are the various forms of transport you may wish to consider:

If your wedding or reception is to take place near a river or lake it might be a lovely idea to use a boat at some point as transport, whether it be to the ceremony or onwards to your reception.


Wedding cars are traditionally large, luxurious limousines such as Rolls Royces, Daimlers and Mercedes and are easily obtainable from wedding car companies. However, if the car you want is something special or unusual - a vintage car or an open top Rolls Royce perhaps, these are available from specialist companies. Some vintage car enthusiasts will hire their cars out for weddings and perform the role of chauffeur themselves, most often dressed in a uniform that is in keeping with the era of the car.

Vintage Cars  Vintage Cars

A helicopter provides a glamorous and convenient, if expensive way of travelling to or from your wedding. You will need to check with your venue that they have a safe landing area and of course, get their permission first, however most places are fairly liberal and the helicopter companies do not usually experience problems in this area.


Horse and Carriage
Horse drawn, open carriages are very romantic and can be as grand or as simple as you like, although they do have some disadvantages. They are only suitable for short journeys and extra time will need to be allowed to get to the wedding venue then onwards to the reception. Also, the effect can easily be spoiled by adverse weather and it is wise to ensure that the carriage has a protective hood in case of this eventuality, although some companies may be able to offer a closed carriage that can even be heated for winter weddings.

You will need to book well in advance as summer dates can be booked up as much as two years in advance.

Horse and Carriage

For the more adventurous bride, why not consider a yellow cab, a Harley Davidson Motorbike, a fire engine, or a shocking pink Cadillac - the list is endless, all that is required is your imagination.