Wedding Photographers List


Photography is a passion and then a career for me. I capture moments of your wedding day so that your memories are never forgotten. My style is simple and romantic, paying attention to all the small details. My aim is to be unobtrusive and create a relaxed and spontaneous environment without disrupting the flow of your special day.



I'm a true romantic at heart, and I love sharing in the joy and beauty of a couples' wedding day. Through my work I aim to provide elegant, tender and timeless images for my brides and grooms to enjoy and treasure.



I'm a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer who is based in Cape Town, South Africa. My approach to wedding photography is quite simple - to allow my couples and their guests to truly be who they are. To me, their personalities need to shine through and I base my entire approach on the fun, love and celebration that is such an enormous part of every wedding day. Take a look through my site and if you like what you see, I'm here if you need me.



ZaraZoo's team of Cape Town Wedding Photographers operate in South Africa, the UK and Europe. In addition to wedding photography, we also do event & portrait photography. Our style tends to lean toward a photo-journalistic approach; we aim to document rather than dictate. Our Philosophy: Let your wedding hinge around the enjoyment of the day with your family and friends; the photos should be the end result of a fabulous day of celebrations!



I am very passionate and proud of the images I create at every wedding I photograph . Coming from years working in the motion picture industry , I have a unique understanding of light and composition and have been shooting stills for the past 6 years full time. I would say my approach to shooting a wedding is more of a creative , reportage approach , but done is a very specific style that I have developed over the years . I like to stay in the background spying on people with my long lens and capturing natural , uncontrived moments. I seem to have a knack for capturing these moments at weddings and this for me is one of the most rewarding parts of being a wedding photographer.



Greg maintains a perfect balance between obtaining the necessary traditional wedding photos but with an incredibly talented and artistic flair, he has an uncanny ability to capture the right moments at the right time, all of the time.

Excellent at getting you to relax in front of the camera Greg makes a point of getting fun interactive images rather than the boring posed images of yesteryear.

Your photos are the kind of images that will remind you of that fantastic day throughout your lives as though it happened yesterday!

"The most common statement I hear after shooting with the bride and groom is "Actually that was fun!", most times from the groom, men are usually far more nervous of being in front of a camera than women ;) helping them to relax and feel comfortable is so important" Greg



He is recognised internationally as a top wedding photographer and more and more his other photographic areas are acknowledged for their world class standards, his professionalism and undying enthusiasm. You only have to look at his images to realise his talent. Brett strives every day to do better, to ultimately be the best.



I am a professional photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I have photographed Weddings around South Africa and have been asked on numerous occasions to photograph Weddings abroad. I have a passion for capturing people, their emotion and personality. In portraiture, I try to cover all aspects of life, from our happiest moments to the toughest, ultimately trying to show a commonality between all.

John Armstrong


Gerrit has been specialising in wedding photography for the past 10 year and has done more than 400 weddings. My equipment is the best available with the most recent accessories.

He likes to meet with the bridal couple a few times beforehand, to discuss and make notes of their likes and dislikes. This way he can make sure that will meet their expectations.

A very special feature of his, is the portable studio where he photographs the bride before the wedding. Here he is able to achieve a high quality photograph under the studio lights and be assured of the most beautiful portrait photos of the bride. He also likes to place the bridal couple in beautiful scenes with nature and architecture and strive to catch the intimate moments in these surroundings. This way he is able to capture the ambiance and mood of the special day in the photographs.



Photography to me is an art as well as a business. I specialize in weddings, but have done work for magazines and various clients including Lufthansa German Airlines; Schick; The Bay ect. and recently I was flown to San Francisco, USA, to photograph a wedding there. I am a "younger" photographer , not in experience, but in age and I found that wedding couples relate very easy to me. It is very important to me that we are both happy and enjoy the day! I do a combination of reportage style photo's as well as classic or contemporary posed photo's. I work in a relaxed manner and do my very best to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. That way you get great natural looking photo's that will truly last forever!

Through my lens I have observed so many beautiful magical moments that can so easily be missed... yet now captured, they live forever! That is my passion at a wedding to create and capture those beautiful moments, that they can be cherished by you and shared with friends and family for years to come, so your day can truly be unforgettable!"

Jean Pierre Uys


Photography is my passion and not merely my career. I capture the moments in time of your wedding and will ensure that the memories are forever vivid and treasured.

About me: I completed a Bachelors of Fine Art Degree, specialising in Fine Art Photography at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. I have been a freelance photographer in and around Cape Town for the past five and a half years. I specialise in, amongst others, wedding photography.

I believe that your wedding photographs should be romantic and uncluttered, they must capture the atmosphere and essence of your big day. I do a combination of black and white and colour photos, I hand print all the black and white photographs in my own darkroom as I believe in quality and consistency.

Joe Dryer