Wedding Music Ideas

Often when discussing a function they have attended, the music is the first thing that guests mention. Don’t spend a fortune on a venue, catering, flowers and so on, and then stint on the music. Whatever other calamity occurs, good music will help to carry the event. There is an incredible selection of talented musicians and disc jockeys in South Africa, who offer their services for any occasion. For the ceremony we recommend a string quartet or harpist (or harpist and flute), and a nice touch is to have them entertain your guests at the start of your reception, whilst you are having your photos taken. Wedding guests are generally a mixed crowd as regards both age and musical tastes, but the wise choice of a DJ who is experienced in weddings will ensure that they are all soon on the floor and having fun. For many though, the ultimate choice is to employ the services of an experienced dance band.

When, prior to your wedding, you discuss your choice of music with the musicians, it is also a good idea to talk about the timing of the first dance, cake-cutting, throwing of the bouquet and garter, and so on. Should you have a special request for your first dance together as a married couple, check with the band or disc jockey at the time of hiring them whether they know the piece of music concerned.

Music  Music

What to ask the wedding musicians

 For how many hours will they play and are they prepared to go on for longer if required?
 What will their overtime rate (usually after midnight) be?
 How many and how long will their breaks be and will they play recorded music during these breaks?
 Do they have a list or examples of the type of music they will play?
 What will they wear?
 Are they familiar with the venue you are planning to use?
How many electrical points do they need?
 Do they require a table or any other equipment?


 African Drummer
 *Penny Whistle
*These instruments sound bland on their own and generally need accompaniment.


 Accordion and clarinet
 Accordion and saxophone
 Accordion and violin
Flute and guitar
 Guitar and cello
 Guitar and violin
Harp and flute
 Harp and violin
Penny Whistle and guitar
 Piano and violin
 Saxophone and guitar
Saxophone and keyboard


 Baroque trio
 Clarinet, guitar, cello
 Flute, violin, cello/clarinet/guitar
"Magic flute" (flute, violin, double bass)
 Marimba, saxophone/guitar, bass
 String trio


heart Brass quartet
 Flute quartet (flute, violin, viola, clarinet)
 Marimba, saxophone, guitar, singer
Marimba, trumpet, bass, singer
 Saxophone, keyboard, bass, percussion
 String Quartet

Jazz (Africa or Cape Town Jazz)

 Keyboard solo
Keyboard and double bass
 Keyboard and saxophone
Keyboard, double bass, percussion
 Keyboard, double bass, percussion, guitar/saxophone
Keyboard, double bass, percussion, guitar/saxophone/African singer

Bigger Groups

Abaqondisi Brothers (African a capella male choir)
Gumboot Dancers
Illanga le Africa (4 marimba players with home made marimbas + 1 guitar)
Luhlaza Choir (20 African singers)
Mananyani Zulu Dancers (5 dancers + 3 drummers)
Primrose Male Malay Choir
Red Dazzlers (a capella male group)
Traditional Song Spinners (Cape Minstrels)
Women Unite (7 African women that sing, dance and play marimbas)

Dance Bands

 Adrenalin (6 piece): an extremely versatile band
 Big bands, eg Razzmatazz, Jonny Cooper Band, JaZZaTTac
 Calypso band (5 piece): perfect for a beach party
heart Dixieland Bands Guy: a professional musician who has been around for a decade
heart Late Final (7 piece): the “original” rock-‘n-roll band!
heart Malay “metal” bands (5-8 piece)
heart Military style bands for outside performances, eg during lunch
heart Misty Blue (5-8 piece): one of Cape Town’s leading functions bands with 15 years of experience - can also appear with an African singer
heart Pickled Wullie: Scottish/Irish Band
heart Simcha Klezmerband (6 piece): the ultimate band for Jewish music, including clarinet, accordion, violin and double bass
heart Spectrum (7 piece): the ultimate in class and style
heart The Drifters (4 piece)
heart The Newz (2 piece): male guitarist using backing tracks and female vocalist who can do Tina Turner impersonation
heart The Sound Imagination Band (5 piece): this vibey band includes a female singer and a saxophonist who also plays the penny whistle
heart The Young Flamenco's (3, 4 or 6 piece): Latin-American, Spanish and Gypsy King music

Bigger Groups

heart Disco’s
heart Fire eater
heart Juggler/ unicyclist
heart Karaoke
heart Magician
heart Master of Ceremony

Click on the links below to view the various selections:
Classical | 6 Piece | Soloist