South African florists and decor artists are among the best in the world and are well-known for their creativity and passion. The range of flowers available in South Africa for brides to choose from is vast and today it is possible to fly flowers into the country from around the world. It goes without saying that flowers are expensive and the amount spent will obviously depend largely on one's budget.

A useful tip is to choose flowers that are going to be in season at the time of your wedding. Flower prices always increase around certain times of the year (for example Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas), so bear this in mind when choosing a date. Discuss with the florist what other options there are if your chosen flowers are going to be scarce when you need them. Although wedding flowers have traditionally been white, we are moving away from the pastel colours making way for more brightly-coloured arrangements.

Florists in South Africa report that there is a trend towards using fewer flowers to achieve a simple, yet stylishly elegant look. Bouquets are either hand-tied or made-up of a bunch of one particular type and colour of flower. An interesting trend is the addition of glass beads to the bouquet, which creates a stunning effect.

Your bouquet is an important accessory to your overall look and should be in keeping with the style of your outfit; it should also be easy to manage. Large bouquets can be heavy, so be careful not to over-compensate by holding them up too high. (As a guideline, your lower arms should rest on top of your hip bones). If you intend to keep your bouquet, ask the florist to make up a smaller spray to throw at the reception.

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Seasonal Flowers

January & February
* Roses * Yuccas * Agapanthas * Lisianthus * Liatris * Hydrangeas * Limonium * Anthirium * Gerbera * Carnations * Chyrsanthenams * Gyps * Micklemiss Daisy * Gladiola

March, April & May
* Roses * Agapanthas * Lisianthus * Liatris * Hydrangeas * Anthirium * Gerbera * Carnations * Chyrsanthenams * Gyps * Micklemiss Daisy * Gladiola

June & July
* Red Berries * Orange Berries * Chrysanthenam * Carnations * Lillim

August & September
* All spring flowers e.g. Daffadils * Anemones * Snowdrops * Iris * Arum Lillies * Proteas * Japonica * Flowering Yello Mimosa * Azaleas * Sweet Peas * Blossom Trees * Freezias * Camellias * Magnolias * Lilliums * Star Gazer Lilies * Gladiola * Gerberas * Carnations * Chrysanthenams * Orchids * Gipsophila * Iceland Poppies * Blushing Brides * Jasmine

October & November
* Roses * Larkspur * Snapdragons * Delphiniums * Chrysanthenams * Carnations * Peopnies * Anthiriums * Cornflowers * Pride of Maderia Stattice Limonium

* Roses * Larkspur * Snapdragons * Delphiniums * Chrysanthenams * Carnations * Peonies * Anthiriums * Cornflowers * Pride of Maderis Stattice Liminium * Gladiola Broom * Star Gazers * Casablancas * Agapanthas * Anthiums * Hydrangeas * Miscellanies Daisy * Gerbera * Alsoemeria

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